Talent Contest

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Why compete at Abbott’s Get Together on Friday AUG 3 2018 ?

Reason number one: Every time you perform, you learn something! Your relatives and friends are not impartial and your practice mirror can’t applaud!

Reason number two: Trophies and cash awards are even nicer! The first three winners receive handsome cash awards – and sometimes even more!

Reason number three: Winning opens doors! At the October 1977 talent contest the Third Place winner was Mac King! The Second Place winner was Jeff Hobson! And the First Place winner was Lance Burton! Participation in the talent contest helped to open the doors at three Las Vegas theaters for these talented performers!

Reason number four: The top act will get a chance to perform on the legendary Get Together stage for the Saturday Matinee opening act!

And all you have to do to enter this year’s contest is to register for the complete convention and then apply for an entry form. Don’t delay – fame and fortune are only a few steps away!

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