Street Performances

Special thanks to the Colon Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring these awesome events free for the public. These are some of the best buskers in the world performing in Colon on the following times and locations.

Wed Aug 1 – Noon – Joe Bennett outside M&M Grill
Wed Aug 1 – 2PM – Thom Barnett outside Berkshire Hathaway
Thu Aug 2 – Noon – Thom Barnett outside Dawn & Phils
Thu Aug 2 – 2PM – Jon LaChance outside Curly’s
Fri Aug 3 – 11AM – Thom Barnett outside Dawn & Phils
Fri Aug 3 – Noon – Jania Taylor outside Village Market
Fri Aug 3 – 1:00PM – Joe Bennett at Craft Fair
Fri Aug 3 – 4:30PM – Jon LaChance outside 5 Star Pizza
Sat Aug 4 – 11AM – Jania Taylor at Craft Fair
Sat Aug 4 – Noon – Joe Bennett outside American Legion
Sat Aug 4 – 3PM – Jania Taylor outside Historical Museum
Sat Aug 4 – 4PM – John Sturk outside 5 Star Pizza

Lets find out a little bit about these marvelous buskers and street performers.

Jania’s magic has been enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the country. Her wit and charm have pleased audiences at many corporation parties, conventions, trade shows, and festivals. She has performed at the prestige Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA (the premiere location for magic in the United States) as well as such noted resorts as Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan, the Mississippi Queen River Boat, and The Greenbrier White, Sulpher Springs WV. Jania is a respected member of the Society of American Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, the British Magic Circle, and was honored by her peers for showmanship at the Abbott’s Magic Get-Together. Representing 3% of women performing magic, she brings a refreshing touch of elegance to the art.

Joe started down the road of magic in 1992 and has not looked back. He has won many awards including the 2001 IBM Ring 211 “Best Original Trick” contest, First Place at the 2006 Michigan Magic Day Close-Up Competition and First Place at the 2013 Abbott’s Close-Up Convention. His magic was also featured in the 2007 documentary film, “Street of Cards”. His clients have included: Flowserv, Ghallagers Restaurant, Paw Paw Chambre of Commerce, The Sugar Bear Ice Cream Parlor, Lawton SummerFest, Novo 1, and Oshtemo Fun Day. This is Joe’s 22nd Abbott’s Get-Together and also his 5th season as a street performer. You will recognize him on the streets by his signature illusion, the Linking Hula Hoops.

Once more, John Sturk will be handling the “Colon Street Performers” where professional buskers will perform on the streets of Colon during the Magic Get Together. John Sturk is an award-winning comedy magician, magic consultant, musician, and entertainer extraordinaire. A native of Detroit, John is a graduate of Michigan State University with degrees in Journalism and Political Theory. John currently lives in Chicago, and works for FUN Incorporated, America’s largest magic manufacturer. John’s awards include First Place at the 2005 Abbott’s Close-Up Convention, First Place at the 2006 Abbott’s Get-Together Stage Competition, First Place at the 2006 Curly’s Close-Up Competition, and First Place at the 2009 Michigan Magic Day (Stage and Closeup). John’s one-man comedy magic show, DIRTY TRICKS, recently finished a highly successful run at the Comedy Sports Theatre in Chicago.

Jonathon LaChance has made a career out of simultaneously blowing minds and splitting sides at theaters and festivals across the country. His illusions and comedy magic have been showcased on ABC, FOX and NBC’s The Today show. His youthful-charm has been a centerpiece of The Magic of Harry Potter and other main stage events. LaChance’s one-man show, Laugh Magic LIVE! has toured to sold-out theaters, headlined comedy clubs and is invited back by corporate clients year after year. It’s no surprise that Jonathon was voted “Best Magician in the Family” – two years running!

Captain Thom Bedlam is landlocked awaiting repairs or another ship. Life ashore has left him bored and bursting with thomfoolery. It’s a wild array of magical mayhem, the sharing of vastly inaccurate knowledge and gregarious if ineffective lessons on being a pirate. Almost learn how to counterfeit for unparalleled wealth, the possibly correct way to run someone through without spoiling the carpet; the improper application of a hook as a prosthetic, and how to be taller through lynching. It’s the most fun you’ll have this side of Tortuga, and gives you a whole new perspective for the saying “I’d rather be sailing.” Yo ho! Thom Barnett, also known as Captain Thom Bedlam, has performed for television, circuses, theaters, fairs,. festivals, corporations and niteclubs, everywhere from up at the North Pole (Canadian Forces Station Alert) to as far south as Buenos Aires, Argentina and from his home of Toronto all the way to Singapore. He combines music, illusion, and his own bizarre twists into a fantastic and fun presentation. Thom’s magic motto? Laugh first, ask questions later.