The Abbott Magic Collection Released

We are all very excited about this new adventure at Abbott’s which we affectionately call the “Unification Theory” but officially “Abbott Magic Collection”. The reason we like the term Unification Theory is that we are taking the best magic from different generations, different decades, and different sources and creating what we think is the greatest treasure of magic knowledge in the universe – All at a very affordable price of $10 per volume. Each volume has 140 – 142 pages and are literally crammed with the best magic knowledge Abbott’s has to offer.

And here is the best news, these first 12 are only the beginning. We will be releasing a new volume every few months (Vol 13 Rope Magic will be released next month, we are proofing it as you read this newsletter). Card Magic, Wall of Fame, Magic Capital, etc. are all proposed future volumes that we hope to have available within the next year.

This newsletter is a comprehensive description of each of the first 12 volumes which are now available, but for those who want to know quickly, a quick list is below.

Vol 12 Coin Magic, Vol 11 Ventriloquism, Vol 10 Gospel, Volume 9 Carnival, Volume 8 Grand Illusions, Volume 7 Stage Illusions, Volume 6 Halloween Magic, Volume 5 Mentalism, Volume 4 Secrets 7 Routines, Volume 3 Abbotts History The Greg Bordner Years, Volume 2 Abbotts History The Recil Bordner Years, Volume 1 Abbotts History The Percy Abbott Years.

We tried to make all these books as good as possible, for instance, Vol 1 not only has Percy Abbott’s years with Abbott, but we have also republished his book “Lifetime In Magic” and included it so you also get Percy’s years before Abbotts.

Each book is a different subject and no matter your interest we are certain you will find many great items in each one, especially with a $10 price tag per volume.

Author: Abbotts Magic Company

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