2017 Get Together – Welcome To The 80th (by BJ Mallen)

Hi there and welcome to the 80th Abbott’s Magic Get Together. It truly is a special occasion and we are very happy to have you here. Abbott’s is 83 years old and we’ve had countless people come through the door of the black building on St. Joseph Street in that time. Over the years that I’ve been with Abbott’s I’ve heard many stories of the first time someone steps foot over that threshold and into the Abbott’s Showroom. So many wonderful stories of walking up to the counter and being helped by Duke Stern, Neil Foster, Tom Mullica, or Gordon Miller. I’ve been privileged to be on both sides of that counter and am grateful for the view provided by standing on the shoulders of giants.

80 times our magic company and small town have welcomed this merry band of magicians, ventriloquists, jugglers, clowns, and other allies. 80 times friendships have been made and renewed. 80 times for four days a truly magical place has existed on planet Earth. When people devote their lives to wonder and merriment, you can bet they have a great time getting together! I’m happy for any first timers who are here and will finally be experiencing that fellowship they have heard about. It truly is beyond description.

We have no hotels or motels, no flashy neon signs, no frills. What we have is so pure and fun, it needs no window dressing and people go out of their way to be here.

You would have a difficult time finding another town with a population around 1100 that is known by some the world over, with many people having visited. If you are here for the first time, welcome. If you are returning, welcome home. We are happy to welcome all into the Abbott’s Magic Family and look forward to an exciting future! And speaking of the future, next year’s dates for the 81st Abbott’s Magic Get Together are August 1-4 mark your calendar now!
Thanks for being smart enough to be here,
BJ Mallen
Abbott’s Magic Company

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