2010 Get Together Memories (by Jeff Hobson)

I remember. . .my first Abbott’s Magic Get-Together when I was 12 years old. The sites, sounds and smells of the town are still with me today.

I remember . . .seeing Bob Lewis and Ginny perform. A real treat as I laughed at all of the jokes, even if I only understood half of them. You see, Bob was a real professional. His timing was impeccable. When he told a joke, you had to laugh.

I remember . . .hanging around the outside of the showroom during the day when the pros talked about old-times. Jay Marshall, Howard Flint, Roy Kissell, Karrell Fox. They were all there. They even took time to talk to the little guys. One of them was me.

I remember . . .the Foxy Follies. Karrell and his gang got the biggest laughs of the week by poking fun at the acts that went before.

I remember . . .getting sick the morning of the contest when I was to perform. I was so nervous I was shaking. A few others kids were competing in the contest with me. Mac King and Lance Burton.
I remember . . .how very nice everyone was. Smiles and handshakes everywhere you turned. People were happy and excited to be there.

I remember . . .making many great friends I still have today . . . 35 years later.

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