1977 Historical Marker Unveiled at Get Together (by Tops/Sturgis Journal)

Recil Bordner, owner of Colon’s Abbott Magic Co., was honored with a legislative proclamation Friday night, forwarded by State Rep. Dan Angel. The citation was presented by Tom Sullivan of Marshall, an amateur magician. The presentation was made at a midnight unveiling of a double historic marker honoring the Village of Colon and its most famous resident, Harry Blackstone. His son, Harry Jr., presided at the ceremony before a crowd of about 300 people, including magicians gathered for the annual Magic Get Together and members of the Colon-Blackstone Society.

Following cocktails and dinner, certificates of membership in the Blackstone Society and a gold engraved deck of cards were given to each guest. A number of presentations were awarded to Harry Blackstone and his family. Among them were several framed certificates, two from Governor William Milliken; a special contribution certificate to Blackstone, Jr., and a certificate signed by the Governor proclaiming Colon August 10-13, 1977 as Magic Days in Colon.

The Blackstone Society members then traveled in a caravan of over 60 cars to the Colon Township Library where they were joined by magicians and friends for the unveiling of the State of Michigan Historical Marker by the Blackstone family. Harry Blackstone, Jr. read the bronze letter tablet on both sides which tells of his father, Harry Blackstone, Sr., Colon’s heritage as the Magic Capital, the history of magic, and Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing Co.

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