1955 Chami Khan Performs His Infamous Crucifixion (by Percy Abbott)

“One misguided year, the feature was a crucifixion.” quote by Frances Marshall at the 50th Get Together celebration.

In 1955, a peculiar series of events, a disappointment on an overseas act and an exchange of letters brought to the Get Together one of the most unusual acts in existence. A Genuine Crucifixion – done by one, Chami Kkan, a Peruvian Inca. By many, we were criticized for having this attraction because of it being REAL. If this had been an illusion , we are certain that the presentation of it would have been a mere trifle when compared to illusions depicting bodies sawed in half, heads severed, etc., but due to the fact that it employed the little understood Yogi philosophy – to some, it became difficult to accept. Strangely enough, it was the one remembered and talked of act for many months after the affair and we received letters with quotes such as “I would have gone a thousand miles to have seen just the Crucifixion” or “The Crucifixion alone was worth the price of the Get Together”, or “Never will I ever have the privilege of seeing anything like the Crucifixion again”. A debatable and controversial act it is true, but the one redeeming feature was that to those who had the opportunity to meet Chami Kkan personally, they found him to be a most charming individual.

Author: Abbotts Magic Company

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