1930-34 Percy Ends The Road Shows To Settle Down (by Patrick West)

Following the closing of the magic shop, it was back to the road shows for Abbott. He accepted a job working with Jean Huggard in the spring of 1929. Huggard produced a show which had been playing at Coney Island, New York successfully for years. 1929 was the year of the stock market crash and people had no money to spend on Coney Island or magic shows. After trading an illusion for a spare tire, Percy returned to Colon.

Abbott married Gladys Goodrich and they began playing schools and auditoriums. They continued this for the next five years, earning a reliable income in a time of financial disaster. The couple added to their school dates with theater bookings and two summer sessions with a carnival. In February 1934, Abbott’s first child was born. This brought a halt to road shows for the couple. Percy felt it was not a good idea to raise children “en route” and the couple settled permanently in Colon.

Author: Abbotts Magic Company

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